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Body tape has become a popular way to enhance or support your body's curves to suit your desired look. Tape can help flatten, curve, extend, enhance and support your body to the way you want to look in the clothes you choose to wear. Our range includes 3 primary skin colour tones and is manufactured to our own specification in medical grade factories. 


Sometimes conventional clothing cannot help you create the look you desire, but AVO+ Body Tape can help you find the most comfortable solution. So whether you are going backless and braless or simply looking for a lift, our tape will help you out. Check out the dress styles guide below to get some helpful tips on application to create your special look. 


Body Tape_Roll_BROWN_1.png
Body Tape_Roll_BLACK_1.png
Body Tape_Roll_BEIGE_1.png


It's not just about under clothing that Body tape is used. Body Tape can be used to exaggerate/reduce body shapes and curves as well as offer support in pregnancy. As the product is waterproof it can also be used with swimwear. We believe in positive body confidence and our tapes can help you find your confidence in different ways.

AVO+ offers non-medical guides to how products could be used but as always, we recommend consulting a medical practitioner to be sure that this will work for you. 


The Fitzpatrick Scale

Devised in 1975 by dermatologist Thomas B Fitzpatrick as schema to classify skin tone under 6 categories that in turn are taken from the 36 categories of the von Luschan scale. This scale was developed to classify the skins response to UV light but is used across many industries to classify skin tone.


We consider it vital to offer muted tones to compliment all skin types and highly recommend our customers follow suit.

The Fitzpatrick Scale for skin tone.png




Body Tape_Roll_BROWN_1.png
Body Tape_Roll_BLACK_1.png
Body Tape_Roll_BEIGE_1.png
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