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We offer a range of bundle kits that are orientated towards specific use case scenarios. Our Essential Travel Kits are designed for anyone taking a trip where they cannot be sure of their surroundings. These can be bought in single trip or double trip sizes and offer gloves to size.

Our Protect Packs are designed to help keep you safe when you get to your destination. With wipes and sanitizer to keep your hands clean.

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We offer a range of bundle kits that are orientated towards specific use case scenarios.


Essential Travel Pack

Our Essential Travel Pack kits are designed for travellers - road, rail or flight. Combining masks, gloves and wipes to ensure you are as protected as can be. Our regular pack is designed for a one way trip whereas our PLUS packs include 2 sets of masks, 2 sets of gloves and 10 wipes. All Essential Travel Kits include surgical masks and are available in both adult and kids sizes.

Protect Pack Kits

Our Protect Pack Kits come in two levels of protection. Protect Pack includes 3 x 3-ply surgical disposable face masks OR Protect Pack PLUS includes 3 x BFE ≥ 94% filtration particulate respirator masks for a prolonged use. Both accompanied with 5 wipes and a bottle of hand sanitizer gel. 


Governments across the world advocate the use of face coverings

During the COVID pandemic masks have been widely used as face coverings, in this context complying with government led requirements. Since surgical masks are not designed to seal against the face they simply offer limited protection from aerosol droplets to the wider community. They provide limited protection for airborne particulates that can be breathed in for the wearer.

Particulate Respirator masks do, however, offer protection from airborne particulates for the wearer as well as those around them as these are designed to seal against the face. AVO+ recommends the use of its Multi Layer Face Masks as vital protection during the current pandemic.

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