Cleaning Services
Without doubt, the cleaning sector has been charged with keeping our public spaces, offices, schools and industries cleaner than ever. Pressure is on the cleaning staff to deliver day after day, week in week out. Keeping the workforce fit and healthy is crucial in this area. 
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Multi Layer Respirator Face Masks
Our range of respirator packs are designed for personal protection for the duration of your work day or for longer periods when you are out and about. They provide a seal to ensure that you are better protected against airborne pollutants. Available in handy 5 or 10 bag sizes. Our masks are built to GB2626:2019 standards.
AVO+ Code   Type                                Packaging           Pack Size      
42102            Multi Layer Face Mask    Grab Bag            5
42069            Multi Layer Face Mask    Grab Bag            10
EU Skus
AVO+ Code   Type                         Packaging          Pack Size  Colour  
41801            Surgical Earloops    Grab Bag            5               Blue
41802            Surgical Earloops    Grab Bag            10             Blue
41803            Surgical Earloops    Grab Bag            20             Blue
41804            Surgical Earloops    Box                     50             Blue
44744            Surgical Earloops    Grab Bag            10             Black
44695            Surgical Earloops    Box                     50             Black
NA Skus
42210            Surgical Earloops    Grab Bag            5               Blue
42211            Surgical Earloops    Grab Bag            10             Blue
42212            Surgical Earloops    Box                     50             Blue
41804            Surgical Earloops    Box                     50             Blue
Little Masks for Little Faces (Global Skus)
43183            Surgical Earloops    Grab Bag            5               Blue
43184            Surgical Earloops    Grab Bag            10             Blue
43185            Surgical Earloops    Box                     50             Blue
Consumer Disposable Face Masks 
Intended to be worn to offer consumers face masks manufactured to the highest levels required by health professionals that protect others from airborne particles and pathogens from the wearer’s mouth and nose. Primarily protects others around you. 
If you find surgical masks come big, try our smaller sized Little Masks for Little Faces range, these are the same depth as regular skus but made narrower for smaller faces.
AVO+ Kids_Disposable_Masks_EU_10pk.png
Disposable Nitrile Gloves

Our gloves are designed for use in light applications. Great for use around the office and in light industrial use. 

AVO+ Code  Description 

41805           AVO+ Gloves 6 pack Extra Small

41806           AVO+ Gloves 6 pack Small

41807           AVO+ Gloves 6 pack Medium blue 

41808           AVO+ Gloves 6 pack Large blue 

41809           AVO+ Gloves 6 pack Extra Large blue 

41810           AVO+ Gloves 10 pack Extra Small blue 

41811           AVO+ Gloves 10 pack Small blue 

41812           AVO+ Gloves 10 pack Medium blue 

41813           AVO+ Gloves 10 Pack Large blue 

41814           AVO+ Gloves 10 Pack Extra Large blue 

41815           AVO+ Gloves 20 Pack Extra Small blue 

41816           AVO+ Gloves 20 Pack Small blue 

41817           AVO+ Gloves 20 Pack Medium blue 

41818           AVO+ Gloves 20 Pack Large blue 

41819           AVO+ Gloves 20 Pack Extra Large blue 

43200           AVO+ Little Gloves for Little Hands 10 pack XS (EU) 

43201           AVO+ Little Gloves for Little Hands 10 pack Small (EU) 

AVO+ Disposable_Gloves_20pk_M.png
AVO+ Disposable_Gloves_10pk_Large.png
AVO+ Disposable_Gloves_10pk_XS.png
AVO+ Disposable_Gloves_10Pk_XL.png
AVO+ Disposable_Gloves_10pk_Small.png
AVO+ Code  Description                      Packaging        Pack Size  
42033          Anti-Bact/Anti Viral Wipe  Individual         Single
43135          Anti-Bact/Anti Viral Wipe  Multi pack        10
5 Wipes.png
Anti Bacterial/Anti Viral Wipes (EU only)

Our large, 20x18cm, wipes are suitable for both surfaces and hands. Using Sterizar™ technology for anti viral and anti bacterial properties. Ideal for emergency use in the home or on the go. Each wipe is individually packaged to avoid them drying out and is citrus scented for optimum freshness. The offer 99.99% sterilization and conform to EN1276 and EN14476.