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AVO+ stands for quality at great prices, offering consumers and professionals health and wellness solutions designed to work in the world they live.

Useful guides to more industry specific products

Strax Health & Safety - Industrial Food Processing PPE EU Programme-1.png
Strax Health & Safety - Fishing Industry Programme-1.png
Strax Health & Safety - Painting and Decorating PPE Programme-1.png
Strax Health - Nail Bar PPE May 2024-1.jpg
Strax Health & Safety - Industrial Meat Processing PPE Programme-1.png
Strax Health - Tattoo Studio PPE portfolio May 2024-1.jpg
STRAX Health Information Sheet - Glove Chemical Resistance-1.png
STRAX H&S Guide to Glove Sizing-1.png
Strax Health - Worker disposable hand protection against recreational drugs-1.png
STRAX Health Product Catalogue AVO+ NA Winter 23 Spring 24-1.jpg


AVO+ is your one-stop-brand for all your Health, well-being and Safety needs. We supply our customers with cutting edge personal and medical products at great prices. Here at AVO+, we understand what customers need and offer outstanding value for money in each and every product. We are fuelled by our commitment to customer satisfaction and strive to exceed our clients’ every expectation.

AVO+ is a brand wholly owned by STRAX Health ehf., a company headquartered in Iceland.

Our solutions are developed to offer consumers, users and businesses high quality PPE at great prices. 

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