In some countries the hospitality sector has been hit hard, in others it remains open and serving customers. For those working full shifts finding the right product to suit and allow you to work as close to normal is vital. We have a range of products that will help enhance your work shift.

So whether it's about keeping safe on the way to work or the equipment that you use to stay safe during your shift we've got the right options for you.
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Consumer Disposable Face Masks

Intended to be worn to offer consumers face masks manufactured to the highest levels required by health professionals that protect others from airborne particles and pathogens from the wearer’s mouth and nose. Primarily protects others around you. Available in two sizes and three colours, there is something to suit everyone.

If your Staff find standard surgical masks too big, try our smaller sized Little Masks for Little Faces range, these are the same depth as regular skus but made narrower for smaller faces.

Our cost effective options are available in both grab bags and dispensing boxes.
Adult Sizes European Skus
AVO+ Code   Type             Packaging          Pack Size  Colour  Compliance

41804            Ear Loops    Box                     50             Blue     Type IIR
43816            Ear Loops    Grab Bag            10             Blue     Type IIR
44695            Ear Loops    Box                     50             Black    Type IIR
44744            Ear Loops    Grab Bag            10             Black    Type IIR
48844            Ear Loops    Box                     50             Pink      Type IIR
45324            Ear Loops    Grab Bag            10             Pink      Type IIR

Adult Sizes North America Skus
42210            Ear Loops    Grab Bag            5               Blue       Civilian
42211            Ear Loops    Grab Bag            10             Blue       Civilian
42212            Ear Loops    Box                     20             Blue       Civilian
41804            Ear Loops    Box                     50             Blue       Civilian
48733   *       Ear L
oops    Box                     50             Blue       Civilian
48830            Ear Loops    Box                     50             Black      Civilian

Small Masks for Smaller Faces (EU)
46053            Ear Loops    Box                     50             Black     Type IIR
46054            Ear Loops    Box                     50             Pink       Type IIR

* we offer a nose bridge free option for those institutions which prefer a wire free product.
50X Box_Pink_Top.png
50X Box_Smaller Faces_Pink_Top.png
50X Box_Blue_Top.png
50X Box_Disposable-Single Use_Blue_Top_Nose_Bridge_Free.png
50X Box_Smaller Faces_Black_Top.png
50X Box_Kids_Blue_Top.png
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AVO+ Respirator_Masks_5pk.png
Multi Layer Respirator Face Masks
Our range of respirator packs are designed for personal protection for the duration of your work day, or for longer periods when you are out and about. They provide a seal to ensure that you are better protected against airborne pollutants. Available in handy 5 or 10 bag sizes. Our masks are built to GB2626:2019 standards.
AVO+ Code   Type                                Packaging           Pack Size      
42102            Multi Layer Face Mask    Grab Bag            5
42069            Multi Layer Face Mask    Grab Bag            10

AVO+ Nitrile Gloves

Our Nitrile Gloves are a great line of defence against the spread of germs and pollutants. Our nitrile gloves are fully spec'd industrial grade gloves which are made in leading factories in Malaysia.

Our range is compliant to both US and EU standards for PPE and Medical ratings as well as being Food Safe. Product certification for ASTM D6319 / EN455 / EN374 / EN ISO 21420 as well as ASTM D6978 across 13 chemicals for our regular blue glove is available for review on request. 

The gloves are powder free, ambidextrous fit and available in 5 sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL). They are designed to be used in both home and light industrial applications. We offer either a more sensitive glove in cobalt blue or thicker glove in black.

Our core industrial gloves are also medically graded for peace of mind and these are also Fentanyl tested for use cases that require such support. 

Gloves are available in convenient 100 pack boxes in the five sizes. The glove boxes are the same size for consistent deployment. Our packaging includes a useful palm fit guide with size referencing for consumers to measure the size required. So you can always chose the right glove for you. 

AVO+ Heavy Duty Industrial Gloves

We can offer customers heavier duty gloves in black that shall be available in Q4 2021. These are particularly developed for industrial and heavy duty use case scenarios such as;

First Responders


Food Preparation and Service

Hair and Beauty applications


* ranges vary on region - country of origin also varies depending on batch.

AVO+ Glove EU_1.png
AVO+ Glove EU_Black_3.png
100X Nitrile glove box_Black.png
100X Nitrile glove box_Blue_R.png
5 Wipes.png
Anti Bacterial/Anti Viral Wipes (EU only)

Our large, 20x18cm, wipes are suitable for both surfaces and hands. Using Sterizar™ technology for anti viral and anti bacterial properties.

Great for hospitality, either for staff or guests to wipe hands and items. Each wipe is individually packaged to avoid them drying out and is citrus scented for optimum freshness. They offer 99.99% sterilization and conform to EN1276 and EN14476. 

AVO+ Code  Description                      Packaging        Pack Size  
42033          Anti-Bact/Anti Viral Wipe  Individual         Single
43135          Anti-Bact/Anti Viral Wipe  Multi pack        10

Each Essential Travel Pack include;
1x Surgical Mask, 2x Nitrile Gloves, 3x Wipes

AVO+ Code   Type                           Glove Size 
43123            Essential Travel Pack       XS               
43124            Essential Travel Pack       S                   
41820            Essential Travel Pack       M                  
42068            Essential Travel Pack       L  
42125            Essential Travel Pack       XL

Also available in a PLUS version with 2x masks, 4x gloves and 10x wipes.
AVO+ Essential_Travel_Pack_Large.png
43168 - Protect Pack includes;
3x Surgical Mask
5x Antiviral/Antibacterial Wipes
1x Bottle of Hand Sanitizer
43169 - Protect Pack PLUS includes;
3x Multi Layer Particulate Respirators
5x Antiviral/AntiBacterial Wipes
1x Bottle of hand Sanitizer
AVO+ Protect_Pack_US.png
Protect Pack
Designed to be the grab bag to keep you safe all day, or for a few days. Our standard option offers surgical masks for wearing for shorter periods and offering protection to others while our PLUS version Multi Layer Particulate Respirators suitable for wearing for longer periods and offering the wearer and others protection.
Man in mask cut out PINK MASK.png

Essential Travel Pack 

Ideal for the commute or working in environments that mean you are constantly working close to people and need to have a mask, pair of gloves and wipes to clean surfaces and belongings.