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Daring, sexy and sophisticated, wearing Jackets in either single or double breasted style can look fabulous. 


With very little room for error, you need to make sure that you use your tape to ensure that everything stays put. If you are out on the town and expect to hit the dance floor follow our suggestions below to step out with confidence.

Support from AVO+ Body Tape will help you carry off YOUR daring style and look amazing at the same time. Depending on you cup size the amount of tape will increase slightly the larger the cup to ensure that the anchor point is going to give you lasting support.

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Our guides should be considered a starting point and as everyone is different you may find that you need to adapt the techniques to help suit your body and clothing. 


The key to successful application is to ensure that you gain a good anchor point. This is the foundation to then stretch the tape to ensure the level of support is to your preference. If you know you will not be dancing or jumping around then you might not require as much support. The anchor should be between 25 and 50mm/ 1 to 2 inches in length and sit underneath the breast taping up under the breast is important to maintain the shape and then engage a stretch to the tape and follow the contour up and over aiming to finish the application just over the shoulder. The advantage of a jacket is that it can add to the security of keeping the tape in one place on the shoulders. If you have a larger cup size you may want to add confidence by continuing down over the shoulder blade. You should aim for at least 3 tapes each side. This will give support and lift.

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In order to work the tape must be stretched, the give in the tape allows it to work with your skins normal give and take. The tape offers 130-160% elasticity depending on how it is used. When cutting the tape you should ensure that you are cutting around 25% shorter length than your intended use to allow for the stretch. 


Yes, your AVO+ Body Tape is water resistant and designed to stay in place for many days if you wish. You can swim or bath with the tape and it will stay in place. Great for pool parties!


It is important that you take time and care when removing the tape, our acrylic adhesive will leaves red marks and/or residue if not removed correctly. The very best way to remove is to apply oil (baby oil or olive oil will work great) to the tape and let it soak into the fabric, ensure the whole area is covered. Leave this on for 3-5 minutes to ensure the oil has seeped through to the glue. The adhesive will breakdown and you will be able to peel away the tape from your skin, if your feel it is still too stuck or you feel the skin pulling, repeat the above until it is easy enough to peel away. The longer you leave the oil the easier it will be to remove.


If you do not have any oil to hand, then a hot bath will really help loosen the adhesive and you could remove it this way. Any residue can be removed by soap and water or a proprietary skin cleaner. 


Our AVO+ body tape is medical grade Kinesiology Tape. Made of 100% cotton and finishes in a range of skin tonal colours as well as bright pink and blue. It uses an acrylic premium hypoallergenic adhesive (50 gsm) is applied in a wave effective to maximise performance.


The above guide may not work for all and is a generic guide to help users understand how to use the product. AVO+ does not make any claim to guarantee that this will work for you and that the product will offer support for any minimum times. It is noted that some users may find their body perspire under the tape that may cause it to become loose over time. We highly recommend that you try your look in advance of that special day or night.

If wearing the tape causes any irritation or redness please stop using the tape immediately. If your skin has any reaction to the tape stop using and if the symptoms persist consult medical advice.

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