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Whether you work in a warehouse or out delivering to an expectant world, you are likely to be working in busy places where lots of people are in close proximity. The recent global pandemic has made your life busier than ever but also a more dangerous place. Knowing the right level of personal protective equipment is tough as you are on shifts for long periods on time, either inside or outside. 

Consumer Disposable Face Masks 
Intended to be worn to offer consumers face masks manufactured to the highest levels required by health professionals that protect others from airborne particles and pathogens from the wearer’s mouth and nose. Primarily protecting others around you. 

If you find surgical masks come big, try our smaller sized Little Masks for Little Faces range, these are the same depth as regular skus but made narrower for smaller faces.
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AVO+ Surgical Masks 

With an expectation of a rise in respiratory related illnesses this winter keeping you and others protected is going to be crucial. 

We offer standard adult sizes as well as a narrower width for smaller and little faces. Finished in blue, black and pink worthy of any environment. Comply with either under European EN14683 medical grade Type IIR or appropriate Civilian Standards*.  

Now available in the USA are ASTM F2100 Level 2 and Level 3 masks, these are Made in America in our FDA approved and registered partner facility.

We even support State Correction Institutions with "nose bridge free" products which are safer for both security staff and those in custody.

Adult Sizes European Skus
AVO+ Code   Type             Packaging          Pack Size  Colour  Compliance
41804            Ear Loops    Box                     50             Blue     Type IIR
43816            Ear Loops    Grab Bag            10             Blue     Type IIR
44561            Tie Straps    Box                     50             Blue      Type IIR

44695            Ear Loops    Box                     50             Black    Type IIR
44744            Ear Loops    Grab Bag            10             Black    Type IIR
48844            Ear Loops    Box                     50             Pink      Type IIR
45324            Ear Loops    Grab Bag            10             Pink      Type IIR

Adult Sizes North America Skus
42210            Ear Loops    Grab Bag            5               Blue       Civilian
42211            Ear Loops    Grab Bag            10             Blue       Civilian
42212            Ear Loops    Grab Bag            20             Blue       Civilian
46194            Ear Loops    Box                     50             Blue       Civilian
48733   *       Ear Loops    Box                      50             Blue       Civilian
48830            Ear Loops    Box                     50             Black      Civilian
46197            Ear Loops    Box                     50             Pink        Civilian       
47794            Ear Loops    Individually wrapped x 100  Blue        Civilian
47796            Ear Loops    Individually wrapped x 100  Black      Civilian
48908            Ear Loops    Individually wrapped x 100  Pink        Civilian

43521            Ear Loops    Box                     50             Blue         Medical - ASTM F2100 Le
vel 2 
49709            Ear Loops    Box                     50             Blue 
        Medical - ASTM F2100 Level 3

Little Masks for Little Faces (Europe and North America)
49269            Ear Loops    Grab Bag            10              Blue        Type IIR (EU)
49270            Ear Loops    Grab Bag            10              Black      Type IIR (EU)
49271            Ear Loops    Grab Bag            10              Pink        Type IIR (EU)
43199            Ear Loops     Box                    50              Blue        Type IIR (EU)
43199            Ear Loops     Box                    50              Blue        Civilian (NA)
46199            Ear Loops     Box                    50              Black      Civilian (NA) 
46200            Ear Loops     Box                    50              Pink        Civilian (NA)

Small Masks for Smaller Faces (Europe)
46053            Ear Loops    Box                     50             Black     Type IIR

46054            Ear Loops    Box                     50             Pink       Type IIR

* we offer a nose bridge free option for those institutions which prefer a wire free product.
Delivery Guy in surgical mask blue.jpeg
Delivery lady in KN95.jpeg

Multi Layer Face Mask - New KN95 Respirators

New for early 2022 ​we are pleased to announce the release of our latest respirator range. These products will be available for buyers in the Americas. 


We have individually wrapped 10 packs in card packaging as well as bulk packed 50's that are shipped in dispensing boxes. These are all available in both white and black and in two sizes, regular and small. 

Our smaller masks are designed under our 'Little Masks for Little Faces' sub brand. These masks will fit many with smaller head sizes and not just youngsters.

Our Multi Layer Respirators are designed to offer protection for both the user and those around them. Especially for those who find themselves moving around in busy congested places and needing protection for longer. Designed to fit most adults.  
Strax Code    Type                                           Size                     Pack Size        
Individually Wrapped
49595            Particulate Respirator                Adult - White      10
49596            Particulate Respirator                Adult - Black      10
49597            Particulate Respirator                Kids - White       10
49598            Particulate Respirator                Kids - Black       10
Bulk Packed
49648            Particulate Respirator                Adult - White      50
49649            Particulate Respirator                Adult - Black      50
49650            Particulate Respirator                Kids - White       50
49651            Particulate Respirator                Kids - Black       50
5 Wipes.png
Anti Bacterial/Anti Viral Wipes (EU only)

Our large, 20x18cm, wipes are suitable for both 

surfaces and hands. Using Sterizar™ technology

for anti viral and anti bacterial properties. Ideal for emergency use in the home or on the go. Each

wipe is individually packaged to avoid them drying out and is citrus scented for optimum freshness. They offer 99.99% sterilization and conform to EN1276 and EN14476. 

AVO+ Code  Description                      Packaging        Pack Size  
42033          Anti-Bact/Anti Viral Wipe  Individual         Single
43135          Anti-Bact/Anti Viral Wipe  Multi pack        10
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