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AVO+ Little Masks for Little Faces - 50 box (Type IIR)

AVO+ Little Masks for Little Faces - 50 box (Type IIR)

SKU: 43199

Medical Surgical Disposable Single Use Face Mask with Ear Loops. Our masks feature a 3 layer construction; top and liner layers are PP non-woven, middle layer is high performance filter cloth. Earloops are finished in thicker more comfortable elastic material. Designed with youngster friendly packaging but suitable for smaller faces of any age.


Key Features of Little Masks for Little Faces - 50 box

  • Disposable Medical Surgical Face Mask
  • Designed for short bursts of 3-4 hours use.
  • 3-layer filtration system is made of high-quality nonwoven materials and melt blown electrostatic
  • Adjustable metal nose clip
  • Ear loop fitting
  • CE marked
  • EN14683:2019 Type IIR Standard


Meets Standard: EN14683:2019 Type IIR              Standard      Test Result (av.)
- BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency) %age           ≥98%              99.9%
- Differential Pressure, Pa/cm²                                   <60 Pa/cm²  32.10 Pa/cm²
- Microbial Cleanliness                                                   ≤30 cfu/g      9.29 cfu/g
- Splash Resistance pressure                                      ≥16.0kPa       Pass


  • 50 pack advanced dispensing box
    Color: Blue
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