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Market Specific Products

AVO+ products are available in many countries across the world. For some countries this leads to different compliance requirements. At AVO+ we primarily offer products that are designed to either North American or European compliance protocols. Your local sales team will assist in advising on the product range that is right for you.

Please get in contact with us directly if you have any questions on our compliance for AVO+ products. We will be delighted to help.

Declarations of Conformity

41821-41825            AVO+ Examination Gloves - Cobalt Blue             Link

48169-48173            AVO+ Examination Gloves - Black                       Link

Various                     AVO+ Basic Coveralls & AVO+ Coveralls             Link            

Various                     AVO+ SMS Coveralls                                           Link

Various                     AVO+ Particulate Respirator FFP2                      Link

Various                     AVO+ 40gsm Isolation Gowns                             Link         

42077                       AVO+ Pulse Oximeter                                          Link

43174                       AVO+ Basic Thermometer                                   Link


Instructions for Use

41821-41825            AVO+ Examination Gloves - Cobalt Blue            Link

48169-48173            AVO+ Examination Gloves - Black                      Link                

Various                     AVO+ Basic Coveralls & AVO+ Coveralls            Link            

Various                     AVO+ SMS Coveralls                                          Link

Various                     AVO+ Particulate Respirator FFP2                     Link

Various                     AVO+ Isolation Gowns                                        Link

Various                     AVO+ Disposable Ear Loop Face Masks            Link

Various                     AVO+ Disposable Tie Strap Face Masks            Link

42077                       AVO+ Pulse Oximeter                                         Link

43174                       AVO+ Basic Thermometer                                  Link

​AVO+ is a part of STRAX HEALTH, which in turn is registered as a Medical Product Provider in the United States of America, Canada and across Europe.

Quality Policy

Strax Health undertakes to supply only safety equipment and/or related services that fully comply with the standards and regulations and claims made relating to those products and/or related services. Where appropriate, this company will maintain up to date technical files and associated documentation to ensure that regulatory compliance information can be supplied upon request.

Where products are sourced from external organisations which hold technical files relating to the products being offered, this company will request confirmation that these files are current, complete, contain appropriate conformity assessment information and, where relevant, regulatory compliance certificates and will take all necessary steps to confirm the validity of the compliance documentation held by that external supplier in respect of the products being sourced. Where services are provided related to safety equipment sourced from external organisations, this company will maintain approval
from the manufacturer that the services provided are assessed and approved by the external organisation.


​ STRAX is also a member of the BSIF.


The British Safety Industry Federation (BSIF) is the UK's leading trade body within the safety industry. We have members including manufacturers, distributors, test houses, certification bodies, safety professionals and service providers.


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