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Kinesiology tape is great for aiding your recovery when you need it. When you're done needing it, it can be a little tricky to get off without some extra help. Read on below to find the best methods to help the removal of kinesiology tape. 

There are few different methods that you can try to help remove your kinesiology tape, here are a few methods that will work depending on you as an individual and what you have nearby! If you have shaved or trimmed the body hair prior to sticking the tape down then this will make the removal process a lot easier. 



This seems to be favoured method and one we definitely recommend. Oils tend to break down the adhesive which is why your skin needs to be freshly cleaned before application. Take some baby oil (massage, coconut or cooking oil will do just as well if this is all you have) and put it on the tape, wait up to 5 minutes to ensure the oil has soaked through and peel back the tape, inline with the hair growth. This is a similar method to if you went in the shower/bathe, although the tapes are waterproof, if you apply the same roll back method in water it will reduce the adhesion. 



Do not go for the "grin and rip" method, this will end BADLY! Remove the tape in the direction of hair growth by slowly rolling down the tape and applying pressure on the skin with your other hand. This will hurt, if you did want to try this, (we don't recommend however), sitting in the bath will reduce the pain.



If none of the above appeals to you or the adhesive tape may still feel too stuck to remove just yet, this may require more patience than you want to give. Your final option is to sit in the bath and wait it out. Eventually the oils and water will break down the glue on our Kinesiology Tape resulting in losing its stickiness. Slowly peel/roll the tape away, in the direction of the hair growth, while holding your skin taut. 

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