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At some point we all push ourselves a little bit further than we should.





                          ...Just living life


This often results in pulled muscles, tweaked and damaged ligaments or tendons and we need a fix. 


Kinesiology tape aids recovery by opening up (dilating) the vessels in the tissue. Enhancing the circulatory system aids recovery by bringing more oxygenated blood to the damaged tissue and the lymphatic system carrying away the bodies repair.

By opening the tissue it reduces the pressure on the pain receptor and helps reduce swelling.

Developed by Dr. Kenzo Kase in Japan during the 70's. He developed the Kinesio Taping® technique when searching for sports tape to assist in the healing of traumatised tissue and muscles.


Physios and doctors see a great deal of strain injuries relating to exertion where the muscle isn't ready for extension or physically cannot resist the force being put on it. 

Other conditions such as arthritis can also present aching feeling around joints, sufferers have found Kinesiology Tape offers a degree of comfort with the support the tape gives.  

Our range of Kinesiology Tape offers solutions for self application of quality tape to encourage your body to self repair.


We offer Kinesiology Tape in a number of formats and colours so depending on your experience with Kinesiology Tape it should be easy to chose the right option for you. Do ensure that you consult a physician or specialist for application instructions for your injury before using AVO+ Kinesiology Tape.


We believe in choice, offering a wide assortment of colours offering blue, black, pink, brown and beige.

Kinesiology Tape_Uncut_5rolls.png

Continuous Roll

Offering the most flexible option to users, this allows you to customise the length of your tape to fit. With 5m / 16.4ft of tape set in its own dispensing packaging it is the perfect solution for those seeking multiple lengths of application. 

Pre-Cut Options - 25cm/10 inches

Our pre-cut options are either off the roll in a dispensing box, or pre-cut into strips that are packaged flat to reduce bulky size and avoid damage when in your bag. With the radius on the corner already cut it helps prevent the tape peeling off. 

Kinesiology Tape_Pre-cut_5rolls_edited.png
KT Tape Precut Group.png
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