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Polychloroprene and Latex Options

AVO+ offers both Polychloroprene and Latex surgical gloves. 


Latex gloves still dominate the surgical space, however, many surgeons double glove for enhanced protection. Our Latex offering features a double glove sachet, removing the need for doubling up the multiple choices in cramped theatre preparation areas. The inner glove being 1/2 a size smaller than the outer and in contrasting color. This is particularly useful for our NGO clients in conflict zones where space in make shift operating theatres is at a premium. 

Polychloroprene gloves, offer a differentiated choice to surgical staff yet possess similar qualities to Latex without the associated latex risk of allergic reactions. They are soft and supple, have a strong tensile strength and are as stretchy as latex gloves. These are extremely comfortable to wear. 

Gloves are offered in easy to open Sterile Sachets and packed in multi orientation dispensing boxes. Each dispensing box features a palm fit guide to ensure surgical teams can quickly and effectively double check their size before they attempt to don gloves. We color code the box with easy to spot sizing discs as well as print the size visually on the product sachet. 

Dispensing cartons feature a palm fit guide on the base to counter any size irregularity in surgical staff when being offered the AVO+ product. The sizing corresponds to colored size icons in 1/2 sizes that can be found on the dispensing box.


AVO+ Polychloroprene Sterile Surgical Gloves

AVO+ Polychloroprene Sterile Surgical Gloves are powder-free and are made from synthetic neoprene (polychloroprene). They are safe for latex-sensitive (Type I) and chemical-sensitive (Type IV) health care professionals and patients. Left / Right fitted gloves are sealed in a sterile pouch. Sterilized by gamma radiation.


Our neoprene’s proprietary formulation allows it to truly resemble the fit and feel of natural rubber latex. Compared to nitrile gloves, our neoprene gloves provide superior fit and comfort, higher elasticity and elongation, higher resistance to alcohol and better ozone resistance.





Ultra-thin for superior tactile sensitivity

Textured grip

Dispenses vertically as well as horizontally

300mm length



Medical Device Regulation (EU) 2017/745

 - Class IIa

ISO 13485

ISO 9001

EN 455 parts 1-4

FDA Registered (510k) K030228

EN ISO 374-1:2016 / Type A (KLMNPST)

EN ISO 374:2016 Virus

3d box for Polychloroprene AVO+ Underside wo sachet.png
3d box for AVO+ Polychloroprene Surgical Gloves Upright with sachet.png
Palm Fit Guide for Surgical Gloves.png
Sizing Icons for AVO+ Surgical Gloves.png
Code Letter
Test Chemical
EN374-1:2016 Permeation
Breakthrough Time (mins)
EN374-4:2013 Degradation %
Isopropyl alcohol
Level 4
> 120 mins
Formaldehyde 37%
Level 6
> 480 mins
Hydrofluoric Acid 40%
Level 5
> 240 mins
Hydrogen Peroxide 30%
Level 6
> 480 mins
Acetic Acid 99%
Level 2
> 30 mins
Nitric Acid 65%
Level 3
> 60 mins
Sulphuric Acid 96%
Level 2
> 30 mins
Sodium Hydroxide 40%
Level 6
> 480 mins

AVO+ Latex Double Don Sterile Surgical Gloves

Double Gloves provide higher protection during intensive surgeries and double assurance to avoid 

cross-infection between users and patients. Contrast and bright inner colored gloves ease the detection of expose barrier penetration or puncture. Fully anatomical design with curved fingers follow the natural finger shapes at rest provides free range motion and minimises hand fatigue during surgical procedure. Palm textured surface enhances slip resistance for extra grip and control. Polymer coated powder free interior enables incredible smooth donning experience.



Material Natural High Grade Rubber Latex

Type Latex Surgical Glove, Powder Free, Polymer Coated

Colour Green [Inner] / Natural [Outer]

Green [Inner] / Brown [Outer]

Design Hand specific, curved fingers, palm textured, beaded cuff.

Glove Size 5.5 to 9.0

Sterilization Yes

Storage The gloves shall maintain their properties when stored in a dry 

condition. Avoid direct sunlight

Shelf Life The gloves shall have shelf life of 5 years from the date of 


Application Higher Risk or Intensive Surgery 



Double assurance to avoid cross-infection between users and patients

Contrast and bright inner colored glove eases the puncture detection 

Fully anatomical design reduces finger fatigue

Palm textured enhances slip resistance for extra grip and control 

Polymer coating interior enables incredible smooth donning 



Medical Device Regulation (EU) 2017/745 - Class IIa

ISO 13485

ISO 9001

EN 455 parts 1-4

EN ISO 374-1:2016 / Type B (KPT)

EN ISO 374:2016 Virus

EN ISO 14001 facility

EN ISO 45001 facility

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