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Surgical masks were originally designed for use by clinical medical personnel during procedures to protect against pathogenic microorganisms, body fluids and particulate matter.


Today things have changed, since Covid-19 was proven to be transmitted through airborne transfer the use of face coverings has taken over the world. For many years eastern countries have successfully used surgical masks and face coverings to combat infectious airborne disease as well as used for offering protection against pollution. 

From consumers to businesses and authorities the go to choice for the protection of others is a surgical mask style barrier face covering. 

AVO+ Surgical Masks 

We offer standard adult sizes as well as a narrower width for smaller and little faces. Finished in blue, black and pink worthy of any environment. Comply with either under European EN14683 medical grade Type IIR or appropriate Civilian Standards*.  

Now available in the USA are ASTM F2100 Level 2 and Level 3 masks, these are Made in America in our FDA approved and registered partner facility.

We even support State Correction Institutions with "nose bridge free" products which are safer for both security staff and those in custody.

Adult Sizes European Skus
AVO+ Code   Type             Packaging          Pack Size  Colour  Compliance
41804            Ear Loops    Box                     50             Blue     Type IIR
44561            Tie Straps    Box                     50             Blue      Type IIR
44695            Ear Loops    Box                     50             Black    Type IIR
48844            Ear Loops    Box                     50             Pink      Type IIR

Adult Sizes North America Skus
46194            Ear Loops    Box                     50             Blue       Civilian
48733   *       Ear Loops    Box                      50             Blue       Civilian
48830            Ear Loops    Box                     50             Black      Civilian
46197            Ear Loops    Box                     50             Pink        Civilian       
47794            Ear Loops    Individually wrapped x 100  Blue        Civilian
47796            Ear Loops    Individually wrapped x 100  Black      Civilian
48908            Ear Loops    Individually wrapped x 100  Pink        Civilian

43521            Ear Loops    Box                     50             Blue         Medical - ASTM F2100 Le
vel 2 
49709            Ear Loops    Box                     50             Blue 
        Medical - ASTM F2100 Level 3

Little Masks for Little Faces (Europe and North America)
43199            Ear Loops     Box                    50              Blue        Type IIR (EU)
43199            Ear Loops     Box                    50              Blue        Civilian (NA)
46199            Ear Loops     Box                    50              Black      Civilian (NA) 
46200            Ear Loops     Box                    50              Pink        Civilian (NA)

Small Masks for Smaller Faces (Europe)
46053            Ear Loops    Box                     50             Black     Type IIR

46054            Ear Loops    Box                     50             Pink       Type IIR

* we offer a nose bridge free option for those institutions which prefer a wire free product.
50X Box_Disposable-Single Use_Blue_Top_Nose_Bridge_Free.png

Little Masks for Little Faces

Sometimes you need a little more sparkle and fun to engage youngsters to keep them safe. Our Little Masks for Little Faces are designed with cool graphics to help engagement. Whether they need protecting when out and about, at school, in class, shopping, travelling or simply to stay safe our Little Masks are great for smaller faces. 

These masks also work great for anyone who struggles with the size of adult surgical masks.

50X Box_Smaller Faces_Pink_Top.png
50X Box_Smaller Faces_Black_Top.png
50x Little Masks-Lttle Faces_BLUE_6.png
50x Little Masks-Lttle Faces_Pink.png
50x Little Masks-Lttle Faces_BLACK_6.png

Products from our North American Range

50X Box_Disposable-Single Use_Blue_Top.png
50x Little Masks-Lttle Faces_BLACK_6.png
50x Little Masks-Lttle Faces_BLUE_6.png
50x Little Masks-Lttle Faces_Pink.png

Products from our European Range

50X Tie Box_Blue_Top.png
50X Box_Kids_Blue_Top.png
50X Box_Blue_Top.png
50X Box_Smaller Faces_Black_Top.png
50X Box_Black_Top.png
50X Box_Smaller Faces_Pink_Top.png


Follow these five simple steps for staying safe. 


1. Thoroughly clean your hands with sanitizer or soap and water.

2. Open the mask at the ends and ensure that the nose band is uppermost and that the blue part of the mask is on the outside. Pull the mask against the top of your nose and under your chin and pull back the elastics over each ear.

3. Press down on the nose band to secure the fit.


4. Remove the mask by holding the elastic bands behind each ear, unloop them from your ear being careful not to touch the front of the mask.

5. Dispose of the mask carefully ensuring the mask cannot be reused by any party.


We suggest sanitizing or washing your hands any time you touch, fit or remove your mask. 

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