Surgical masks are designed for use by clinical medical personnel during procedures to protect against pathogenic microorganisms, body fluids and particulate matter.

Surgical Face Mask Line Art.png

During the COVID pandemic masks have been widely used as face coverings, in this context complying with government led requirements. Since surgical masks are not designed to seal against the face they simply offer limited protection from aerosol droplets to the wider community. They provide limited protection for airborne particulates that can be breathed in for the wearer.

Disposable Face Masks

Our surgical masks are available in convenient grab bags of 5/10/20 or boxed in 50 packs. They are available in both adult and kids sizes.




















Follow these five simple steps for staying safe. 


1. Thoroughly clean your hands with sanitizer or soap and water.

2. Open the mask at the ends and ensure that the nose band is uppermost and that the blue part of the mask is on the outside. Pull the mask against the top of your nose and under your chin and pull back the elastics over each ear.

3. Press down on the nose band to secure the fit.


4. Remove the mask by holding the elastic bands behind each ear, unloop them from your ear being careful not to touch the front of the mask.

5. Dispose of the mask carefully ensuring the mask cannot be reused by any party.


We suggest sanitizing or washing your hands any time you touch, fit or remove your mask. 


Little Masks for Little Faces

Sometimes you need a little more sparkle and fun to engage youngsters to keep them safe. Our Little Masks for Little Faces are designed with cool graphics to help engagement. Whether they need protecting when out and about, at school, in class, shopping, travelling or simply to stay safe our Little Masks are great for smaller faces. 

These masks also work great for anyone who struggles with the size of adult surgical masks.