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At AVO+ we have a fantastic portfolio of products to suit your every need. From consumers to the smallest businesses, from hospitals to vets, from kindergartens through schools and onto universities. Click on a category to find what is right for you.


Surgical masks in either boxes of 50 or convenient grab bags in various sizes. Available in adult and kids sizes. We offer these in civilian or medical grades for both EU and US clients. 

KN95_Multilayer mask_BLACK.png
KN95_Multilayer mask_WHITE.png

We offer multi layer half face respirators that are have excellent KN95 certification. In the US our product is available individually wrapped in 10 packs or bulk packed in 50's.

Kinesiology Tape_Uncut_5rolls.png
Kinesiology Tape_Pre-cut_5rolls.png

AVO+ is proud to expand its wellness portfolio into Kinesiology Tapes.

Developed to speed recovery and aid in the prevention of muscular injuries our Kinesiology Tapes are offered in continuous rolls or 25cm/10" precut strips. 

Available in 5 great colours - 3 skin tonal and 2 bright options.

KT Tape Precut Group.png
AVO+ Glove Range.jpg

Our gloves are medical grade certified for both industrial PPE and medical use. Offered in either a lighter more sensitive cobalt blue or heavier duty black. Packed in 100's these are exceptionally well priced for both consumers, the medical world and industry alike. 


Our health devices allow you to take control of your health, using medical grade devices to track your temperature or pulse and blood oxygen levels. These are proven to offer early insights into personal health leading to faster diagnosis and early intervention.

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