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At AVO+ we have a fantastic portfolio of products to suit your every need. From consumers to the smallest businesses, from hospitals to vets, from kindergartens through schools and onto universities. Click on a category to find what is right for you.

Basic Coveralls (PP)
Coveralls (PP+PE Laminate)
Advanced SMS Coveralls (Type 5b/6b)

Foot Protection
Shoe Covers

Head Protection
Bouffant Caps


CPE Aprons

Painter Spraying with coverall and mask.png
Installing Insulation wearing Advanced Coverall and mask.jpg
54022 AVO+ Anti Slip Shoe Cover - Blue.jpg
54023 AVO+ Single Elastic Bouffant Cap - Blue.jpg

Medical Grade Diagnostic Devices
Pulse Oximeter
Basic Digital Thermometers


Burial Products

PEVA Body Bags
Basic Body Bags
Reinforced Body Bags
Infection Control


PEVA body bag with 4 handles, front side.png
PEVA body bag without handles, front side.png
PEVA body bag with 6 non-splintering handles.png

Medical Biohazard Waste Products

Waste Bags
LDPE/HDPE Waste Bags
HDPE Biohazard Waste Bags

Biohazard Medical Sharps Containers
HDPE Medical Sharps Containers

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