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Our hospitals and medical care facilities are extraordinary places due to the wonderful dedicated staff who work within them. In today's world the pressure on expanding the right solutions to every part of the hospital is at its peak. Our AVO+ Surgical Masks and chemotherapy rated Examination Glove ranges provide top quality solutions for all key workers across every department. Working in parallel our health devices allow professionals to get key "vital sign" results quickly and effectively at great pricing. 

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AVO+ NITRILE Examination Gloves

Our NITRILE Examination gloves are medically graded and tested for use with chemotherapy drugs to ASTM D6978. Carrying a Type B certification under EN374 our gloves are rated to be used with bacteria and viruses. They are also food safe.

We have gloves are available in standard and extended cuff formats. With our 240mm/9.5 inch gloves finished in cobalt blue an
d black and in five sizes; XS, Small, Medium, Large, XL.

Cobalt Blue 3.7g / 3 mils

Black 6.4g / 5 mils

Klein Blue 8.0g / 5 mils

We ship these in dispensing boxes of 100 pcs by weight and in master cartons of 10 dispensing boxes. Multi-lingual packaging means they are compliant to be shipped across many countries. 

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AVO+ Latex Double Don Surgical Gloves Flat Angle.png

AVO+ Sterile Surgical Gloves

We proudly offer surgical gloves to our partners, these are available in Polychloropene or Latex and in sizes 5.5 - 9.0. 

AVO+ Sterile Polychloroprene Surgical Gloves are powder-free and are made from synthetic neoprene (polychloroprene). They are safe for latex-sensitive (Type I) and chemical-sensitive (Type IV) health care professionals and patients. Left / Right fitted gloves are sealed in a sterile pouch. Sterilized by gamma radiation.

AVO+ Sterile Latex Double Don Surgical Gloves provide higher protection during intensive surgeries and double assurance to avoid cross-infection between users and patients. Contrast and bright inner colored gloves ease the detection of expose barrier penetration or puncture. Fully anatomical design with curved fingers follow the natural finger shapes at rest provides free range motion and minimises hand fatigue during surgical procedure. Palm textured surface enhances slip resistance for extra grip and control. Polymer coated powder free interior enables incredible smooth donning experience. Ideal for NGO's looking to optimise logistics yet offer their surgeons enhanced protection and speed to don.

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AVO+ Surgical Masks

Our Surgical mask range are all EN14683 Type IIR rated products with exceptional performance both in testing and from our customer feedback. We offer both standard sizes as well as smaller masks for smaller faces in 3 colours. We offer product in both ear loop and tie strap applications. 

Products are packaging in dispensing boxes of 50 or grab bags of 10 for personal deployment. We have both ear loop and tie straps and have product available in Blue, Black and Pink. Dispensing boxes are packed in masters of 40 = 2000 masks per cartons and 10 packs in packs of 200 = 2000 masks. Black and Pink 10 packs are shipping in inners of 10 in perforated boxes for easier deployment in healthcare environments. 

We have 
FDA registered ASTM F2100 3 ply Level 2 and ASTM F2100 4 ply Level 3 Procedure Mask variants which are proudly Made in America for customers in the US looking for home country made protection.

Surgical Face Mask Line Art.png
AVO+ Biohazard Red Waste Bags Filled Red.png

AVO+ Medical Waste


Biohazard clincial waste bags are ideal for any clinical setting. Available in a lighter and heavier weight alternative these product are available in either red or black.

Product is packed folded in rolls of 50 and available in either 50 micron or 90 micron thickness.

Manufactured to meet 165g impact strength (ASTM D1709-01) and 480g tear strength (ASTM D1922-0a). 50 litre capacity.




Medical Sharps Container

HDPE High strength hospital sharps waste container with a 14L capacity.  A  transparent lid with easy needle removal for standard and luer tip syringe needles. Biohazard Printing in English and Spanish.

Medical Waste Biohazard Icon.png
AVO+ Medical Sharps Container.png

AVO+ Body Bags

Standard PEVA Body Bags

Available in 200µm PEVA with or without handles and 300µm weights with integrated reinforced handles. Standard Adult and smaller size bags are available.

Reinforced PEVA Body Bags

Body Bags for burial. Available in 200µm, 250µm or 300µm naturally degradable PEVA with reinforced handles. Standard Adult and smaller size bags are available.

Reinforced PEVA Infection Control Body Bags

Our Infection Control reinforced product features absorbant pads and 6x integrated reinforced handles and heavier duty 300µm PEVA. Standard Adult and smaller size bags are available.

Reinforced Body Bag Small Size.png
Reinforced Body Bag.png
Oximeter Cut out.png
Oximeter Icon.png

AVO+ Pulse Oximeter

Our Pulse Oximeters are both CE and FDA certified products. Simple and very effective for both medical and personal usage. The recent pandemic has proven the importance of early vital sign diagnostics in patients homes offers critical early symptom checks saving lives and getting patients into care earlier. 

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Thermometer line art icon.png

AVO+ Thermometers

Our digital thermometers are medically certified entry level personal thermometers ideal for cost effective simple deployment into the population. Both CE and FDA certified. 

Kinesiology Tape_Pre-cut_5rolls.png

AVO+ Kinesiology Tape

We have a portfolio of medical grade Kinesiology Tapes, both CE and FDA. These tapes are intended for use by physiotherapists and individuals alike to help prevent injuries and aid in recovery. Product will ship in uncut and precut formats. Our precut options are available in packs or rolls. Each precut strip is 10 inch/ 25cm in length and available either as precut strips or on a roll.

AVO+ KT Tape Roll Line Art.png
54023 AVO+ Single Elastic Bouffant Cap - Blue.jpg
Bouffant Hat.png

AVO+ Bouffant Caps

Bouffant Cap is designed for healthcare workers, industrial or visitors to prevent hair and debris falling from the head area. It features an elasticated ribbon for a universal fit as well as containing debris. 

Shoe Cover.png

AVO+ Shoe Covers

Anti Slip Shoe cover is a universal fit shoe cover to prevent contaminants from entering a facility. Users put the covers over their existing footwear. The product features an elasticated entry point to ensure a secure fit and printed grip on the sole to help avoid slipping over when wearing the cover. 

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